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  • News

    Today I placed a Link to my friend Mike Martin in the My Friends section.   There is a new menu with Links (found in the main menu). I will put links to interesting pages and pages I visit often there. Now you can find two linksbut new Links to come s...
  • Calender online!

    Today I started my Online Calendar for registered Users. Now this calendar software is still under development and the best way to go to the calendar is to use the main menu. As there are some of my friends from our OffDuty Mailinglist are joining my pag...
  • New Sections

    Actually there are two new Sections:   From the main menu, you can choose to go to the Download section. There are some files for downloading. This will be a good way to contribute some larger files and content.   Another section is the Archive from...
  • Private Messages are available!

    Right now registered Users can write and receive private messages within my Homepage.   After you have logged in, you will receive notification if there are new privte messages in your inbox.   You can alos use the main menu to get to your private m...
  • Progress

    During the last few days I was working again "backstage" on the content and some security issues for registered users.   In the public area, you can find a contact form now.   Next step will be to upgrade the Forum software to a new version. This wi...
  • Picture Gallery and Forum online!

    Well, since a few day registered Users can see some Picture Galleries online.   Some more Galleries will come soon.   Today the online Forum is active for registeres Users only! This Forum has only two categories now, more to come soon.   You wil...
  • More Content

    During the last few day I have been working hard on my page.   Mainly in the background as I wanted the Login page ready for use.   Right now the Login is up and running. I invited to create a FREE Account which will enable you to see more content a...
  • Welcome

    Well, today my new HomePage is going online!   Since Friday, 16.01.2009, this page is up and running.   After a few days getting familiar with Joomla, I decided to go online. This page will be updated and get some new content during the next few day...


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