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There is a new update for the calendar again. The main thing chanched is, that you will get a popup window for creating a new event. Its is really easy now!. You can creat a new event only using this popup and you do not have to jump through some tabs. Just have a look at it.



There is a new tab in your profile named "Connections" now. Connections are buddies. So you are able to create your own buddie list. To do so, just go to the user list and visit the profile of a user. There you will get a button to add this user to your list. As soon as this user gives his ok you see him in your own profile under "Connections". There are different categories for you to choose to which categorie you want to add someone.

If another user invites you to his list, you will get notified after you log in. Just click this notification. You will get a dialoge where you can decide to allow or forbid the other user to add you to his list.

Hope you like it!




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