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Cook Book online!

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I'm proud to let you know, that there is a "Cook Book" availible on my page now!

This is a collection of recipes. I hope there will be some more recipes available soon! Every registered user is able to submit a new recipe! You can also upload pictures of your recipe. Just have a look at it and add a new recipe!

When you have a look at a recipe you can print it, email it or download it as a PDF-File right from my page.

You can alos rate a recipe or post a comment.

If you need a new categorie, please let me know. It will be a pleasure for me to add a new category!


If you submit a recipe it will be online only after it has been approved from the Admin! So don't wonder, that your submitted recipe does not show up in the list right after you saved it!

I hope we will have a good collection of recipes from all around the world!




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