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It would be good to have a look at your Profile again. Its a good chance to update your data and, beside that, there are some new functions there. You can edit yur profile by clicking your user name or by clicking "Profile" in the main menue.


This is a personal Guestbook for everyone. You can visit other members and sign their Guestbook!


This is a Blog for everyone. You can make entries there and others will be able to read your blog. Everyoen has got his own blog!


Just a wall where everyone can leave a message for you. You can visit other users and leave a message on their wall.

Please notice that you are able to configure some settings. So you can choose weather other members are able to read your Guestbook, your Blog or Wall. Just have a look at it!


Forum Infos in your Profile

Now you will find some info about the forum in your profile, too. You can see the number of post from you to the forum, you can see your rank (depends on the number of posts you submitted), your location and your signature. As for the fields location and signature: You can edit and save them here!




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