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GPS Tracks for Up- and Doenload

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There is a new item in the main menu:

GPS Tracks


Every registered user can up- or download GPS-Tracks from this page. You can also have a look at the already uploaded tracks there. They will show up in GoogleMaps.

At the moment there are categories for hiking mountain biking and motorbike tours. Just have a look at it!

There is a comment and rating system for the GPS Tracks.

If you have a good tour to share, no matter where in the world, its very easy to upload it. Only thing you need is a GPS-File! Click add a new track, fill in the fields, look for the GPS-File for upload, if you want you can also add some pictures of your tour - done


The best thing about it:

You can download all the tracks from my page as a GPS file. You can put this file on your mobile or navigation device and start the tour right away!


I would be happy to get some good tracks from you all here!




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