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User Groups

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From now on I have User Groups implemented here on my Homepage.


What is this?

Well, it is easy, registered members can create or join certain user groups. Doing so, members of a certain user group have their own bulletin board and there is a own user group forum. This means members of a certain group are able to read and write to the board or in the forum. Only members of the same group can read and write there.

So every group has a certain place to communicate only with group members, without others being abel to read and write their posts!


I have already created some groups. Just have a look at the main menu and click on "User Groups".


As I have already said, every  registered member here is allowed to create a group!


There are different group types:

When creating a group you can allow everyone to join the group, you can set the group to "invitations only" what means that only invited members can join the group (invitations can be sent from the group page!). And the last group type sets the group to authorisation, so a member can click to join teh group but must be approved from the group admin in order to become a member.

Anyway, just click on "User Groups", have a look at it and try it out!




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