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Hompage - 1 year online

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As of today this Homepage is online for exactly 1 year!


I'm proud to see that this page had

  • 19450 clicks
  • from 63 different countries

so far.

I think that's not bad for a private Homepage.


During the last year many things have changed here. I have installed a lot of new services, changes some software and did a lot of configuration to set up everything the way it should be. The calendar and the forum are very well used and visited and these are the main components of this page.

At the moment I want to work on the Photo and Download areas.


I want to mention, that this page is available in 2 languages, German and English. As I have got a lot of friends and registered users from all around the world, its worth the work to offer all the content in two languages.


I want to say thank you to everyone who has been visiting my page, helping me with the translation and for contributing to this page.


It would be great to get some more visits, feedback and/or suggestions.

I really love to keep this page updated and I'm looking forward to talk to you or read from you here on my page.





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