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Social Networks are getting more and more important and a lot of Internet users are members of a social network.

Facebook, XING, LinkedIN, VZ, to name only a few. It is great tohave social networks and stay in touch with friends all over the world. They offer a lot of good services. Also a lot of Internet pages are aware of the social networs and offer buttons to share content very quick and easy. Also the "Like it" Button from Facebook is very well known and can be found on a lot of pages out there.


On the left side of the start page here you can find a Facebook modul for a long time now and also the Facebook button to show, that you like my page.

Since yesterday I offer also a service to share certain content from articles, forum posts or other services here on my page (cook book) with different social networks.


You can find the share buttons beneath certain articles or certain content. At the moment these social networks are supported:


1. Facebook
2. LinkedIn
3. MySpace
4. Mein VZ
5. Schüler VZ
6. Studi VZ
8. Twitter


Of course there is also the "Like it" button from Facebook.

I hope that you find my service useful and hope you will test it. As for me it was fun to put this on my page and I'm happy to be able to offer this service!




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